Why Replace Old Pool Lights With LEDs

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Why Pool Owners are Replacing Old Pool Lights With The New LEDs

Swimming pools and all pool technologies continue to rise in excellence year after year. One primary benefit is the pool’s increased durability, resulting in a longer lifespan for all pool elements. This includes the pool itself, plumbing, heating, equipment and lighting up with LEDs.

Here we explore pool lighting and why switch out the old traditional lighting and change to modernized LED lights.

Traditional incandescent and halogen pool lights have been the standard for pool lighting. However, recent technological advances have led to the emergence of LED (Light Emitting Diode) pool lights, quickly becoming the new standard.

Clarity and Brightness

Pool light technology has come a long way with halogen lights first. As they were prone to breaking, they were replaced with incandescent bulbs. In recent years, new LED options began coming across the country. Pool owners quickly noticed a significant increase in clarity, as the incandescent lights made the water look cloudy. In contrast, the new LED lights made the pool pop enhancing it beautifully.

LED Cost

So is price a factor? Installing a new custom inground swimming pool along with the required components can become costly, so let’s say that lighting is the icing on top of the cake. It will complete the pool, be functional, and at a cost that can fit most budgets.

Color Changing LEDs

Now let us talk about the latest and greatest changing color lighting options. LED lights allow pool owners to wow their families and guests. LED lights are excellent for changing moods for fun or relaxation. In addition, have you thought, what is a pool party at night without a fabulous ambiance?

Imagine a pool party on the Fourth of July where you have spent many hours planning with a red, white and blue theme. The guest list is complete; the dinnerware, decorations, appetizers, dinner and desserts all have a touch of red, white and blue.

So what’s next? Lighting up the space, and what better way to do that than starting at the pool? Yes, what do you think of the pool water’s color changing from red, to white, to blue? Sounds great, right? Well, with the new LED lights, you can do it.

LEDs and Pool Safety

And last but not least, lets us never forget the importance of pool safety. LED lights are highly functional as their clarity and brightness allow for the best lighting at night. This will enable swimmers and those walking poolside the safety measures needed when a small child goes under or an adult slips and falls in.

Let Us Explore Your LED Light Options

Get ready to put on that light show and be the envy of your neighbors. At Venture Pool Company, we are here to transform your inground swimming pool and turn it into a spectacular display using the newest pool lighting technology, LEDs. Contact the Venture Pool Company today to learn more about your LED light options.