Pool Special Services

Every pool owner has their type of pool and a lifestyle different from others, so we customize our pool services to meet everyone’s needs.

Pool Cleaning

Are you planning a big party by your pool? Do you have the theme set, menu planned, and all the decorations?

Your special event is only days away, and with too much disbelief and unhappiness, you find your pool water is cloudy and even green. What do you do?

Call the Ventura Pool Company. We have you covered. We will come out quickly to provide a one-time cleaning so your pool will be sparkling clean and be ready when the guests arrive.

Suppose this is not the case, as there are many other reasons one would want to schedule a one-time pool cleaning. Perhaps your pool is just dirty and starting to show stubborn stains, or maybe you have a busy work schedule this week and do not have the time to clean it. You can still count on the Venture Pool Company.


Are you heading out of town for a while and have no one to maintain your pool?

Go ahead, plan your long-awaited vacation and put your pool worries at bay.

If you are already on a weekly pool cleaning schedule, do not worry, we will be at your pool as scheduled. Suppose you do not have a weekly scheduled pool cleaning with us; that is fine. We will be happy to add you to the schedule.

So keep planning your vacation, and let us keep your pool chemicals adjusted, pool brushed, vacuumed and cleaned if needed. Whatever it needs, we will do so when you arrive home; your pool will be clean, crystal clear, safe to swim in and ready for you to continue your vacation by your pool in your own backyard.

Pool Cleanings

Because not everyone has the same size pool, style, budget and lifestyle, all needs are different. Therefore, we are happy to offer customized pool cleanings to target each pool owner from weekly to bi-weekly, monthly, and seasonal.

Scheduling Available

When we say we will clean your pool on Tuesday, we mean it. All our techs are scheduled and dispatched online, and we monitor their progress at the office. You can also be notified by text message or email when your pool cleaning is done.

Take Advantage of our
Pool Special Services