Trendy Pool Tile Options

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When designing a trendy and exciting swimming pool in Houston, pool tiles are crucial in enhancing its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Pool tiles provide a visually appealing look and offer durability, slip resistance, and ease of maintenance. Various pool tile options and materials, including porcelain, ceramic, glass, and stone, are available in the market, giving Houston pool owners many trendy options.

4 Pool Tile Options

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are trendy and luxurious pool tile options known for their stunning visual appeal for Houston pool designs. They are made from cooled molten glass and then cut into small pieces, resulting in a beautiful and vibrant tile option.

The highly varied selection is a huge benefit, allowing for endless design possibilities. For example, you can opt for a simple classic blue or more intricate patterns, like flower patterns, resembling Grecian baths.

Glass tiles are also highly resistant to chemicals, fading, and water absorption, making them durable for Houston’s harsh climate. Additionally, they are non-porous, making them easy to clean and maintain. Thus, they are a popular choice among Houston pool owners who want a trendy, low-maintenance option.

Though they look beautiful and have a stunning aesthetic, the downside is that they can be more expensive than other trendy pool tile options like porcelain and ceramic.

trendy pool tile options

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles remain the most common choice due to their softness, density, durability, and versatility. Porcelain pool tiles are made from high-quality clay fired at a higher temperature than other tiles, making them denser and less porous. This results in a highly resistant tile to water absorption, chemicals, and sun fading, making it an excellent option for Houston’s hot and humid climate.

Porcelain tiles are available in various colors, intricate patterns, and textures, allowing for endless design possibilities. From sleek, modern, and contemporary to traditional, classic, and timeless, porcelain tiles can accommodate various design styles.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a close contender for porcelain. However, though made from natural clay, ceramic tiles are fired at a lower temperature than porcelain tiles, making them less dense and more porous. In addition, modern ceramic tiles are often treated with a glaze that provides them with water resistance, durability, and UV resistance.

Like porcelain tiles, the ceramic pool tile options are versatile and available in many designs, including mosaic patterns, solid colors, and textured finishes.

Price-wise, ceramic can be more budget-friendly than porcelain and glass, making them an attractive choice for pool owners on a budget.

Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are a timeless option for trendy pool tiles in Houston, providing an earthy and rustic look. Stone pool tile options, such as travertine, limestone, granite, and marble, offer a natural look that can complement various pool designs, from Mediterranean to modern.


Travertine pool tiles offer a timeless and luxurious aesthetic to any pool environment. Known for their natural beauty and durability, these tiles are crafted from sedimentary rock formed by mineral deposits over thousands of years, resulting in unique patterns and earthy tones.

Their porous surface provides a comfortable, slip-resistant texture underfoot, enhancing safety without compromising style. Whether creating a serene oasis or a sophisticated retreat, travertine pool tiles effortlessly elevate the ambiance of any pool area, adding a touch of elegance and refinement that endures through the seasons.

Though travertine stone tile options are highly durable and ideal for pools, they are porous and absorb water, so the variety of travertine stone tile options may need to be sealed every few years.


When used around pools, limestone offers a distinctive blend of natural beauty and practical functionality. Like travertine, it is known for its versatility and durability, creating an inviting and elegant atmosphere in poolside settings. With its soft, earthy hues and subtle variations, limestone seamlessly complements various architectural styles, from modern to rustic.

Beyond aesthetics, limestone’s non-slip surface provides safety and comfort for bare feet, ensuring a secure grip even when wet. Its natural cooling properties make it ideal for pool surrounds, offering a comfortable surface to lounge on even hot summer days.

Additionally, limestone’s resilience against pool chemicals and weathering ensures long-term durability. It requires minimal maintenance while retaining its charm for years. Limestone adds a timeless touch of sophistication to any pool environment, transforming it into a tranquil retreat where relaxation and luxury converge, whether used for coping, decking, or accent features.

Limestone is durable as it is mold-resistant. In addition to being slip-resistant, they can be less costly than other natural stones.


When utilized around pools, granite brings a unique blend of sophistication, durability, and natural beauty to the aquatic setting. Known for its strength and resilience, granite can withstand the rigors of poolside environments while maintaining its aesthetic allure for years. Its natural crystalline structure offers a stunning array of colors and patterns, ranging from sleek and contemporary to rustic and earthy, providing ample opportunity for customization to suit any design aesthetic.

Beyond its visual appeal, granite’s inherent resistance to heat, moisture, and harsh chemicals makes it an ideal choice for pool surrounds, coping, and decking, ensuring longevity and low maintenance. Additionally, its smooth surface offers a luxurious feel underfoot, while its slip-resistant properties enhance safety, providing peace of mind for swimmers and poolside loungers alike.

Whether creating a lavish retreat or a modern oasis, granite adds a touch of timeless elegance to pool environments. It elevates the ambiance and creates an inviting space for relaxation and recreation.

Granite pool tile options are durable and low-maintenance. However, if you entertain in or by the pool, watch out for acidic foods and drinks, as they can stain the granite.


When incorporated into poolside designs, marble exudes opulence and sophistication, imparting a sense of luxury and refinement to the aquatic environment. Known for its exquisite beauty and timeless appeal, marble boasts diverse colors and intricate veining patterns, offering endless possibilities for creating stunning visual effects around the pool. Whether used for coping, decking, or accent features, marble elevates the aesthetics of any pool area, adding a touch of elegance and grandeur.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, marble’s smooth surface provides a luxurious feel underfoot, inviting swimmers and sunbathers to indulge in comfort and relaxation. Its natural coolness makes it particularly inviting on hot summer days. At the same time, its durability ensures resilience against the elements and pool chemicals, maintaining its pristine appearance with minimal maintenance for years to come.

However, it’s important to note that marble, a softer and more porous natural stone, may require proper sealing and care to protect it from staining and damage caused by prolonged exposure to water and chemicals. With the proper maintenance regimen, marble transforms the pool area into a captivating retreat, where every moment spent by the water is imbued with a sense of timeless luxury and tranquility.

Choosing Your Tiles

When considering your pool tile options, consider the material that best suits your style and budget. However, do not overlook the size of the tiles, as size matters where they are installed. For example, large tiles can crack easier than smaller ones if placed along the pool’s waterline and in the middle of the pool.

Let Venture Pool Company Help You Choose

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