Spring TX Inground Pool Planning: What To Consider

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Inground Pool Planning: What To Consider When Planning for a Pool

About 60,000 inground pools are built in the United States each year. This might seem like a lot, but it’s a significant drop from the 160,000 built per year just before the Recession hit.

Despite the drop, 60,000 is still a lot of pools, and building a pool requires excellent planning. This is especially true for inground pool planning since digging a large enough hole to fit a pool in takes a lot of work.

Suppose, for example, that you wanted to build a pool in Spring, TX. This article will discuss some of the critical considerations for your Spring, TX, inground pool planning project.

Safety and Environment

Before building any pool on your property, you have to make sure it’s safe to do so. As easy as that might sound, there are hazards most of us probably wouldn’t think to look for.

For instance, would the pool be located under any power lines? If so, you can’t build it. The Texas government recommends that all pools be built 25 feet away from power lines in all directions.

You’ll also need to consider whether there are any underground pipes or other utility connections where the pool would be. Again, if you find any near the site of your future pool, you can’t build it. The law requires pools and pool decks to be five feet away from underground utility lines.


Pool construction is quite expensive, especially for inground pools, so you should consider your finances before deciding on a pool. Money is going to play into every part of pool design.

Whether you can afford a pool is just the first step. If you can afford a pool, what’s your design budget? What kind of design would you prefer to use?

Some people do not need a fancy pool because they see a pool as a hobby rather than an aesthetic piece or a potential investment, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, for those that do want their pool to be the envy of the block come springtime, we recommend hiring Spring, Texas pool builders.

Time Commitment

Building a pool isn’t an overnight project, so don’t expect it to be finished quickly. The timetable for the whole process will likely take a few months or more.

If you’re putting that much time and money into something, you should ensure you’ve hired the right people. We recommend doing as much research as possible before deciding on a contractor. 

Inground Pool Planning and What it Means for You

An inground pool can provide hours of fun for any homeowner, their family, and any company they invite over. Inground pool planning is also a complicated process with many factors to consider.

We’ve discussed some of the most significant factors in this article, but there are many things we didn’t have the space to address here. For instance, historical and ecological factors can also prevent you from building. To learn more, do not hesitate to contact Venture Pool Company which proudly serves the homeowners of Spring, Texas.

By looking around this site, you can learn more about Spring, TX pools and pool construction. If you’re looking for an excellent company to build your pool, look no further.

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