Are Your Pool Drains Safe?

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A swimming pool can be an excellent addition to a family home, providing hours of fun in the sun. But the sad fact is that pool drain suction accidents can cause injuries and even deaths. So, a big question all homeowners need to ask is, “are my pool drains safe?”

Tragically, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among 1-4-year-olds. This includes pool drain death events.

No doubt you’re wondering, are my pool drains dangerous? How can I keep my pool drain safe? And how do you prevent pool drain accidents?

Read on to find out the key to maintaining safe pool drains that protect the whole family and friends.

Pool Drain Dangers

Swimming pools need drains to filter out unwanted debris from the water. This includes:

  • Body oils
  • Dirt
  • Floating debris

Most drains use suction to draw the water through the filter. Although most adults will not be affected by the suction, it can be enough to entrap a light person if they get too close to it. There is also a risk that their hair may get caught in the drain, causing them to become trapped underwater.

Thankfully, these cases are rare. But when they do happen, the outcomes are usually severe. So it’s vital for swimming pool safety to have the latest and safest drain covers in place.

Additionally, children should be taught about the dangers of pool drains. They should understand the importance of only using the pool under supervision.

The Law on Pool Drain Safety

In 2008, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGBA) became law. Virginia Graeme Baker was a seven-year-old girl who lost her life in 2002 due to a hot tub drain accident.

The act requires that pool drain covers and configurations meet high safety standards. The goal is to reduce the risk of entrapment injuries and deaths.

This law only affects public and semi-public pools. However, it has meant that safe pool products are now available to the general public.

As a private pool owner, this legislation may not affect you directly. But it is a good idea to check your swimming pool drain covers to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.

How Safe Pool Products Can Help

Before the VGBA, most pool drain covers were flat. Now, all pool drain covers are designed as anti-entrapment covers. They are curved, making it much harder to get trapped.

Some older pool drains are not suitable for this type of cover. If that’s the case with your drain, adding an extra safety mechanism is essential.

pool contractor can talk you through your options. This could include automatic pump shut-off devices and safety release systems.

Choose Venture for Safe Pool Drains

Safe pool drains are one of the most important features of any home swimming pool. If you’re not sure whether your pool drain cover meets current safety standards, call Venture Pool Company.

Our experienced crew is familiar with the latest and safest pool drain practices. They can assess your pool and identify pool drain dangers. They will recommend upgrades that can keep your family safe.

Don’t delay. Schedule a pool maintenance and safety visit by calling (713) 462-0762 or filling out our online form.