Custom Pool Builders Near Me in Pearland TX

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f you’re looking for a way to maximize the enjoyment of your home and potentially add value, a swimming pool could be the way to go. Pearland, TX, is the perfect spot for a home pool. The long, hot summers and short winters mean you can use your pool for much of the year.

Real estate experts also advise that pools in hotter parts of the country like Texas may boost your home’s value. Bankrate found that studies report a home value boost of between 5 and 8 percent. If this describes you, then now’s the time to find custom pool builders in Pearland, TX, who can bring your dreams to life.

At Venture Pool Company, we do more than install and upgrade pools. We craft custom pools, take pride in our work, and aim for perfection in every job.

Join us as we explore what you can expect when you hire Venture Pool Company, your custom pool builders in Pearland, TX.

Quality and Experience

Venture Pool Company began life in 2003. Jane Ronje saw a desperate need for quality custom swimming pools for customers in the Houston, TX, area. Over the last 19 years, our business has consistently delivered custom pools and upgrades that exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are proud to have served over 760 pool-build clients and more than 5,000 service clients during that time. As you can imagine, we’ve gained a lot of experience and expertise over the years. In addition, we understand the local climate and terrain and can advise you on what works best in the Greater West Houston area.

We recognize that swimming pool installation is far more than just a construction exercise. Your pool should be a work of art; a quality fixture that will provide decades of delight to your family and future owners of the home.

That’s why we work with you to build exactly what you want. We tailor each pool to meet the unique needs of our diverse clients and their yards. We’ll work with you to create a pool that’s both functional and beautifully matches the aesthetic of your neighborhood.

Forget cookie-cutter design and say hello to custom pools in the truest sense of the word!

Outstanding Reviews

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out online reviews to hear our customers rave about our custom pools and swimming pool maintenance services. 

Check out our testimonials to hear what our valued customers have to say.

Wide Range of Services

At Venture Pool Company, we offer a wide range of services.  Whether you want to design and install a swimming pool from scratch, renovate an aging pool, or maintain your current pool, we’re the go-to company in the Greater West Houston area.

Custom Swimming Pool Design and Installation

Google “pool builders near me,” and you’ll find many so-called custom pool builders. In reality, though, many of these companies only allow you to tweak their existing plans. That’s not how we operate at Venture Pool Company.

You come to us with your dreams and aspirations for your inground pool. Maybe you want a sleek lap pool for serious exercise or a geometric architectural pool that works with the aesthetic of your home. Alternatively, you may eschew straight lines and want a free-form, natural pool that mimics the spring-fed pools Texas is famous for.

If you can conceive it, we can create it. Bring us a sketch or just an idea, and we will create a plan to match it. 

As we work together on a pool design, we’ll create a 3D rendering. This will allow you to see exactly how the pool will look in your backyard. Then, you can make adjustments and tweaks or introduce new elements before groundbreaking begins.

And if you’re looking for pool design inspiration, why not check out our gallery of completed projects? Not only do they show you the wide array of styles we can create, but they also speak to the outstanding quality of our pool artistry. So if you find a design you like online or in our gallery, we can tailor it to your backyard and the architectural style of your home.

Pool Remodeling

Just because your home already has a pool does not mean it has the pool you want. But there’s no need to stick with a dated design or a leaky pool that needs constant maintenance. Pool remodeling allows you to use what you have and give it a new lease on life. 

From replacing the tiles to adding new patios, decks, or water features, we can breathe new life into your tired pool.

You can also upgrade your pool by installing the latest automated smart pool system or changing from a chlorinated pool to a saltwater one. These options can reduce swimming pool maintenance expenses and make the pool more energy efficient.

These upgrades can transform the pool at your house from someone else’s pool into a custom pool that you truly love.

Other Services

At Venture Pool Company, we offer more than just swimming pool installation services. Once the hard work is done, we will be happy to maintain your pool. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your pool in great condition for years to come and protect your investment.

Ready to Hire Pool Builders in Pearland, TX?

If you’re looking for pool builders in Pearland, TX, look no further than Venture Pool Company. 

We’ll work with you to create a design that works for your home, the local landscape, and your budget. We can also breathe new life into much-loved pools that have seen better days.

Contact us online for a free quote, or call us at (713) 462-0762 to discuss your project today!