5 Ultimate Backdrop Designs For Your Pool

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Guide to Designing The Ultimate Backdrop For Your Pool

There are roughly 10.4 million homes with pools in the United States. A pool increases the value of your home, and building one is an exciting project for any homeowner.

A crucial aspect of any luxury pool design has a stylish backdrop. Backdrops can take outdoor pools from run-of-the-mill to extraordinary.

When you start looking for pool backdrop ideas, there are several factors to consider. You can create various environments and moods with different backdrop options.

If you want to upgrade your swimming pool, you might wonder where to start. Read on for our complete guide to designing the ultimate backdrop for your backyard pool!

Pool Backdrop Features

You can take your pool design in several directions with the combination of backdrop features you choose. If you’re building a pool from scratch, you’ll want to know all the backdrop features you want before you choose a shape and depth.

A pool backdrop can create a relaxing tropical ambiance or an exciting party vibe. You might want a pool that evokes a welcoming environment for guests or a private oasis all to yourself.

Pool Shape

The first thing to consider with any luxury pool is the shape. The outdoor pool shape determines what backdrop features will work best for it.

A rectangular shape lends itself to infinity pools and modern aesthetics. Rectangles are also functional, as they generally expand an area and make the best use of your yard space.

Another typical pool shape is a circle or oval. Round pool shapes are a versatile option that works well for almost any backdrop design.

If you want a more exotic shape, you might have an L or kidney-shaped pool. A raised backdrop can create an enclosed space with these shapes for a cozy, inviting pool.

Other shapes of outdoor pools include geometric, figure-8, and freeform. A custom pool technician can advise you on what shape works best for your location and yard shape.


A factor of pool backdrop design that often gets overlooked is the number of tiling options. The tiling you use for your pool siding and landscaping works together with the other backdrop features to form your pool’s style.

Effective modern architectural designs use geometric or square tiles. Square tiling is a classic option that works well for multiple styles. Geometric tiles can form interlocking designs that add visual intrigue.

Combined with plants and faux rock landscaping, stone or brick tiling can add to the illusion of a natural spring in your backyard.


An excellent backdrop feature for any pool is custom lighting options. Luxury pool lighting can emphasize the best features of your outdoor pool.

You can place lights around your pool or in the water to keep a party going all night. You can also use different colors of lights to add to the mood you want in your outdoor pool.

Not only does a well-placed lighting fixture highlight a feature, but it can also add to it. A fountain or waterfall, for example, can create a stunning effect when combined with light.

In addition to colored LED lights, another way to add light to your pool backdrop design is to use fire. A firepit or gas torches will add warmth and soft light to any pool backdrop.

Combining lights with plants or landscaping can make the backdrop pop at night. The direction you point the lights adds to the effect in different ways. Lighting plants from below adds vertical space, while lighting from above can simulate the effect of moonlight.

Plants and Landscaping

Your swimming pool doesn’t have to stop at ground level. Adding greenery and rock fixtures can create a natural look around your pool.

Different plants can add to your pool’s design, but many options exist. When selecting plants for your pool backdrop, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Your geographic location and elevation
  • Humidity generated by your pool
  • The amount of sun your pool gets
  • Climate and soil
  • Exposure to chemicals

A pool technician will give you valuable input on what plants are good choices for your backyard and pool design. Good low-maintenance plants for pool landscaping are shrubs, decorative grasses, small trees, and succulents.

You can also enhance your pool landscaping with architectural features. Impress your friends and family with a bridge across your pool or an island structure in the middle.

Another natural-looking option is to add faux rock structures or waterfalls. These rock and water features can transform an ordinary backyard into an island resort.

Fountains and waterfalls not only add to your pool’s visual appeal but can also create a relaxing soundscape. The sound of gently running water can transport you to your private cove.

Pool landscapers can also combine a waterfall with a tiled backdrop to join modern design with the natural appeal of flowing water. Soft-colored light can also add to a water wall for swimming at night.

Pool Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is typically built between your pool and the yard’s slope. However, they can also bring much ambiance to pools on a flat surface. It can serve as a barrier around the pool and incorporate waterfalls, scuppers, jets, fountains and planted pots. They can even be designed with benches for additional seating.

Retaining walls are undoubtedly excellent backdrop designs for pools of all shapes and styles. When working with the right pool builder, your design options can be limitless.

Make Your Pool Backdrop Ideas a Reality

When you start considering pool backdrop ideas, the number of options may be overwhelming. You can narrow down the features you’re most interested in based on the design of your pool.

For a new pool, the specific backyard layout can help you choose backdrop features that work best. You should consider the shape of your pool, the kind of tiling you want, lighting, and landscaping.

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