10 Reasons to Leave Pool Cleaning to the Pros

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Why Leave Pool Cleaning to the Pros

If you have a backyard inground swimming pool, it can be tempting to tackle the maintenance on your own. After all, owning a swimming pool comes at a cost, and every extra dollar counts.

Those costs include the chemicals needed to keep the pool water crystal clear to the electricity needed to keep the pumps running. Given those ongoing expenses, it is perfectly understandable that so many pool owners take a DIY approach to maintenance. Even so, there are many reasons to leave pool cleaning to the pros.

Here are nine arguments against the DIY approach and in favor of the pros.

1. DIY Methods May Not Apply Pool Chemicals Correctly

Pool chemical balance is of utmost importance. Chlorine, Ph, alkalinity and other chemicals work together to keep the pool’s water crystal clear, healthy and safe for all swimmers. The proper levels of each must be maintained for all the chemicals to work together efficiently.

In addition, to creating pool water that is unsafe to swim in, you can end up spending much more on unnecessary chemicals when trying to get it right.

2. Getting It Wrong Puts Swimmers at a Health Risk

As mentioned, adding the right chemicals and maintaining the right balance are always vital. Done wrong promotes the growth and harboring of harmful microorganisms, such as algae growth. If you have had a pool with algae, you know how it can be extremely challenging to get rid of.

4. Extend Pool Filters Lifespan

For those with pools, we know the cost of replacement filters. Knowing the ins and outs of filters will lengthen their life, so in the long run, hiring a professional can save you money.

In addition, when it gets dirty and old, a professional can clean it properly, saving you from purchasing new.

5. Doing It Yourself Can Be Frustrating and Time-Consuming

Many of us have full-time jobs, are taking care of families, and, simply put, have very hectic schedules. Trying to squeeze in a DIY pool cleaning can add unwanted stress on the weekend when you want to unwind and relax.

Yes, hiring a professional to maintain your pool does come at a cost, but it can undoubtedly relieve your stress and let you spend that time doing something you like much better.

6. Customized Services

Many professional pool maintenance companies can work around your busy schedule. Are you having a big party on Saturday and need your pool to look and feel amazing quickly? Are you going on vacation and need someone to maintain your pool while you are gone so you can enjoy it immediately when you return? Or do you want weekly, bi-weekly and other individualized maintenance services?

If so, we would like to introduce our Venture Pool Company pros. We are a full-service pool construction and pool maintenance company serving Houston, Texas, and all the surrounding areas, stretching out for miles. We aim to keep your costs down and enjoy a wonderful pool season.

7. Getting Through The Winter

You probably do not spend much time thinking about your pool in the winter months, but how the pool is maintained will make a big difference at this time of year.

Venture Pool Company will take care of your pool closing. Closing your pool for the winter must be done correctly with the proper chemicals added to ensure it will open with clear water and be ready to swim in no time.

And take note that we open pools as well.

8. Maintaining Crystal Clear and Healthy Water

We mention this again because the health of the pool’s water must be of utmost concern for every pool owner. So, contact Venture Pool Company to discuss our pool construction and maintenance services today.

Let us help you enjoy as much time in your backyard swimming under the sun or the evening under the late-night stars.

9. Extend the Life of Pool Equipment & Pool Components

Let’s face it; the pool equipment is the heart and soul of the pool. Without it, crystal clear, beautiful water is just not going to happen. But do you know how vital it is to maintain it with the utmost care?

Caring for your pool equipment and components is critical to keep them working efficiently and extend their lifespan. Inefficiency creates cloudy water and undoubtedly increases its wear.

Proper pool equipment maintenance will save you lots of money in the long run. Even when a repair is needed, it will likely be much less costly than purchasing new pool equipment and components.

10. Focus on Yourself

Do you use your pool for relaxation with a book in hand after a long day at work or a coffee poolside in the early morning? Are you into physical fitness and use your pool for aerobics and various fitness activities? How about entertaining? Are you a lover of parties poolside?

9 Reasons to Leave Pool Cleaning to the Pros

So Is It a DIY or Hire Pros?

If you consider taking a DIY pool cleaning approach, you may want to rethink that decision. Plenty of DIY projects around your home need attention, but your backyard swimming pool does not have to be one of them.

Let our expert pool maintenance team at Venture Pool Company take care of your pool for you and let you enjoy your pool in the best way possible. Get in touch here or give us a call.