7 Pool Surround Ideas on a Budget

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Landscaping can add a value of $15,000 or more to your property. It also makes your space more beautiful and functional for all the family.

But you may ask yourself, “what is the cheapest pool surround?”. The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice the look of your poolside area if you’re on a budget.

This article gives you seven great pool surround ideas on a budget to try out. There is something for all styles of pools and gardens so that you can adapt the ideas to your taste. Let’s take a look.

Add Walkways

Adding walkways to your pool landscaping is both practical and beautiful. Depending on your budget, there are many pathway materials options, so get creative!

Consider natural rock pathways in a crazy paving style and plant flowers along the edges. You could also choose gravel, which comes in many colors and sizes which are very easy to maintain.

How about recycled wood to create a ladder-style effect? These are also good if you need to build steps to a different garden level, so your pool area is more accessible.

Build a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are a beautiful and minimal way to decorate your pool area. They are great for those short on time, as they don’t need much maintenance or weeding.

They give your pool area a natural feel, and you can spruce them up with small trees and plants. You could even add a water feature there to add some extra interest.

Rock gardens work well alongside walkways so you could combine them with the idea above. Japanese-style rock gardens could add some much-needed zen to your pool setup.

Design a Planting Border

Adding a planting border is one of the cheapest pool surround options. It is easy to personalize the beds to your taste and with the plants available to you.

Using native plants is a great option, as they need less maintenance than foreign plants. They are much more likely to grow well as they have adapted to your local climate.

A significant benefit is that they are easier to source. So you won’t have to pay a premium for buying and transporting them.

Native plants attract butterflies and birds, which are great for the local ecosystem. They will also pollinate other flowers, so your whole garden will benefit.

If you want to add some privacy to your pool area, then consider planting long grasses or bamboo. These are fast-growing and will offer a natural barrier to protect your privacy. They don’t need a lot of watering, so they are also low maintenance.

Add Decking

Decking is another excellent pool surround idea, as it is functional and looks great. They are great for entertaining guests, and you can use your outside space better.

They are relatively quick and easy to install, depending on the size and style. There are also many different kinds of wood and finishes to choose from. So you can get creative with your pool deck ideas.

Build a Firepit

Firepits are a fantastic poolside landscaping option for several reasons. They allow you to enjoy the pool area even during the colder months, so you can keep warm and admire the water.

They are ideal for pool parties, as you can BBQ and invite over all your friends and family. They can also help you to dry off if you go for an evening dip!

There are many different types and sizes of firepits to choose from. So you can be flexible depending on your budget.

The good thing about firepits is that they can add value to your home. So any money you invest in them, you are likely to get back if you ever sell your home.

Create Seating Areas

Creating seating areas is ideal for spending quality time with friends and family. They also allow you to sit and enjoy different angles of your garden that you may not usually appreciate.

It is a good idea to add some shaded seating areas to enjoy the sun safely during summer.

Building a canopy or pergola are great ways to add an interesting yet practical feature. Grow plants up the legs of the canopy and add some free-standing outdoor lamps for an excellent chillout area.

7 Pool Surround Ideas on a Budget

Install Beautiful Lighting

Adding lighting to your pool surround is functional and creates a beautiful atmosphere. There are many options for lighting, depending on space and personal style.

Poolside lighting also has safety benefits, especially for those with children at home.

Add LED strip lighting around the edge of the swimming pool to make it stand out. Or you could add the strips alongside flower beds or pool walkways to highlight the path.

String lighting is also a great way to enhance the poolside ambiance. They are ideal for large pool surrounds that need a lot of lighting. You can string them suspended over the pool or hang them around the edges.

Pool Surround Ideas on a Budget

We hope this article has helped inspire you with some inground pool surround ideas on a budget. Whatever your taste is, there are plenty of ideas for all backyards that won’t cost a fortune.

Here at Venture Pool Co, we take pride in our skills and creativity with all the custom pools we work on. We are confident that we can make your dream pool a reality!

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