Essential Steps for Closing a Pool for Winter in Texas

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Closing a Pool for the Winter in Texas Essential Steps

Though Texas rarely has freezing weather, leaving an inground swimming pool open is common. However, if you choose to close your pool for the winter in Texas, as no one can ever predict the weather, we recommend doing it correctly.

Though freezing may not be an issue, the growth of algae, bacteria, clogged pipes and other issues can arise, especially when covered.

If you reside in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas and choose to close your pool for the winter, here we provide the best tips to close your pool for the winter.

Drain and Clean

  • Start by removing leaves.
  • Drain the water level below the skimmer opening or winter drain plug. Use a submersible pump if needed to get the level low enough.
  • With the water lowered, thoroughly clean the pool walls, floor, and tiles using a vacuum on the end of a pole or by brushing. Remove all debris and algae growth.
  • Clean the filter and pump baskets to remove built-up debris.
  • Shock the pool water using 3-5x the usual amount of chlorine shock treatment. This will kill bacteria and algae so they don’t grow in the closed pool.
  • After shocking, run the filtration system for 24 hours to circulate the chlorinated water fully.
  • Add the proper dose of winter algae preventative.
  • Drain the water from all pipes, pumps, heaters and filtration equipment. Blow out the lines with compressed air to fully evacuate the water if possible.

Close and Cover

  • Insert freeze plugs into plumbing lines as needed to prevent freezing water damage if it happens to occur.
  • Drain the water out of the heater and verify the valve is open so water can expand without damage.
  • Disconnect and bring pool controllers indoors. Replace with a freeze-resistant outdoor cover.
  • Install pool cover anchors and tighten. Use a solid safety pool cover without gaps or tears. The cover catches leaves and prevents kids or animals from falling in.
  • If you do not have a pool cover attached by anchors, place water bags or other weights around the cover edges so it stays tight and in place all winter.

This thorough closing routine will help protect your pool during cold, rainy, and possible freezing temperatures. When spring arrives, opening the pool will be quick and easy after a winter of proper care.

If you want expert pool closing services, contact Venture Pool Company to schedule professional closing and opening services to keep your pool in top shape year-round! We service the greater Houston, Texas areas and beyond.